Self Leveling Gel with Proteins 110 Natural 50ml

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Self Leveling Gel with Proteins 110 Natural is a gel with a self-leveling formula that significantly speeds up nail techs work pace. Perfect for any length nail extensions, infills and renewing fixings. The consistency of the gel enables building the upper arch, and a properly performed nail set reduces the need for filing to a minimum. The Natural shade will be perfect for nude looks. It presents excellent covering properties and provides the effect of natural nails without applying a coloured gel polish.




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Curing time:

UV Lamp: 2min
Led Lamp: 30s


● perfect for any length extensions;

● ensures nails durability up to 6 weeks;

● gel's formula contains the same proteins that we use to create our iconic Protein Base

● has excellent covering properties, you do not need to apply a coloured gel polish to obtain the effect of natural nails;

● shade suitable for nude looks perfectly blends in with the skin tone;

● does not flood the cuticles, and the self-levelling formula significantly speeds up the nail tech's work pace;

● the consistency of the gel enables easy sculpting of the upper arch;

● correctly performed nail set reduces the need for filing to a minimum;

● low polymerization temperature ensures comfort during the treatment, minimizes the burning sensation during curing in the lamp.

Application tips:

● Wash your hands, disinfect and wear gloves.

● Assess the condition of the customer's hands and nails.

● Prep the nail plate, push the cuticles back using a cuticle pusher or wooden stick.

● Shorten the nails as much as possible and round them with a file 180.

● Matt the nail plate with a 100/180 buffer.

● Remove excess dust from the nail using a soft brush.

● Dehydrate the nail using the traditional purple Cleaner.

● Place and fix the form.

● In the case of a more demanding nail plate, use Acid Free Primer or Acid Primer.

● Apply a thin layer of the selected base coat on the natural nail plate and cure in the lamp.

● Use the building/sculpting gel to create a skeleton on the form and cure in the lamp, and remove the form.

● Apply Self Levelling Gel with Proteins 110 Natural, creating apex and upper nail arch-cure (1,2 or 3 layers depending on their thickness).

● Remove sticky layer with Cleaner Wipe Off.

● Shape the nail using a 100/180 file.

● Smooth the surface with a 100/180 or 180/220 buffer and remove any excess dust from the nail.

● Wipe the nail using Wipe Off Cleaner.

● Apply a glossy top coat and cure again in the lamp.

● Wipe top coats leaving a sticky layer with the Super Shine Effect Cleaner.