Indigo Nails is a company that was founded in 2011. Thanks to its rapid development, today it is a leading  manufacturer of products for gel polish manicure. Its portfolio presents a wide range of gel polishes, nail care accessories and Home Spa cosmetics.

Indigo focuses on the highest quality raw materials and know-how, resulting directly from the experience of award-winning nail styling instructors in international competitions. The Indigo Instructor staff can boast over a thousand medals won at nail stylization championships around the world.

The company's mission is to increase awareness about performing safe styling and treatments. Indigo from the beginning focuses on education and raising the standard of services provided in nail salons. That is why Indigo Instructors develop and implement courses and workshops for both experienced and beginner nail stylists. Access to professional knowledge allows you to improve the standards of styling continuously. Indigo also emphasizes education about safety. Sterility and occupational hygiene is the key to safe styling, the effects of which can be enjoyed for many weeks.

Indigo Nails is a brand operating all over the world. Indigo products and services are available in every corner of the globe. The network of Indigo showrooms, which operate all over Poland and abroad, is constantly developing. They meet the highest standards and the services they provide are distinguished by professionalism and the highest quality.