Keratin Shea Elixir Cuticle Oil Very Different 8 ml

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Discover Keratin Shea Elixir from Indigo Nails in its newest fragrance, Very Different. This unique product combines intense nourishment and strengthening with a unique aroma. Its rich fragrance composition seduces with notes of white musk, iris, ambergris, peony, lily of the valley, rose, violet and orange, creating a unique experience for the senses. 

Keratin Shea Elixir is an ideal choice for those who want not only to take care of the beauty of their hands, but also to wrap them in a mesmerizing fragrance.




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  • Protects cuticles from unsightly peeling.
  • Thanks to the addition of keratin, it nourishes and strengthens nails.
  • Features easy application.
  • Does not leave a sticky layer and is quickly absorbed.
  • Impeccable appearance of hands: regular use emphasizes their natural beauty.
  • Sensual aroma: unique fragrance composition wraps the skin with aroma, leaving a delicate scent on the hands.
  • Active ingredients: keratin, shea butter derivative.

*The above benefits have been confirmed by laboratory tests.


  • Confirmed by laboratory tests.
  • Easy application: characterized by simplicity and convenience in application, allowing easy and even application.
  • Comfortable to use: the formula does not leave a discomforting, sticky layer and is quickly absorbed


  • After a manicure, apply a small amount of Shea Elixir with Keratin to the peri nail shaft and nail.
  • Gently massage the product in a circular motion.
  • Use for salon and daily cuticle and nail care.
  • You will notice the effects already after 4 weeks of daily use*.

*the above advantages have been confirmed by laboratory tests.