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Caviar - Black

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Indigo Nail Caviar in black, wins all hearts as the main star of the evening. It will play more than one theme in your styling. Woven into a french design, a co-creator of multidimensional embellishments. Each premiere in its performance is a truly Oscar-worthy production.

Caviar can be applied to a finished style, mixed with a top or used in techniques such as fantasy french or constructive french.




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  • The shape of the small balls makes them great as: 
  • addition to jewellery-type 
  • three-dimensional details, e.g. a flower motif
  • 2D decoration elements

Application tips:

  1. Apply the zircons to the finished nail art and arrange the design of your choice.
  2. Mix the Indigo Nail Caviar with a bit of Tip Top on a glass and using a brush e.g. Master Nail Art 004/ 006 or a probe apply the particles around the zirconia to complete the design.
  3. Cure all or selected sections under a lamp, each separately.
  4. Start by disinfecting your hands and the client's hands.
  5. Work on the cuticles - the method is adjusted individually. The cuticles can be removed with a cutter, stick or cut with the cutters of your choice.
  6. The cuticle is matted using a 100/180-grit buffer and the dust is removed with a soft brush.
  7. Wipe each nail with a cotton pad soaked in violet cleaner and thoroughly degrease the nail plate.
  8. Apply a primer, usually Acid Free Primer.
  9. Apply a thin layer of a chosen hybrid base and cure for 30 seconds in a lamp.
  10. Paint your nails with the chosen polish (we recommend Lans Bounce). For full coverage you need two coats of colour. Cure each layer for 30 seconds in a MultiLed lamp.
  11. Cover your nails with your chosen hybrid top coat and cure again for 30-60 seconds in the lamp.
  12. After removing your hands from the lamp, wait for about a minute.
  13. If you have chosen a top with a sticky layer*, wipe each nail with a cotton swab soaked in Sha Super Shine Effect Cleaner.
  14. Use a dry cotton swab to additionally polish the nails for a spectacular shine.
  15. *The non-sticky top coat does not need to be wiped with Shea Super Shine Effect Cleaner. Simply - one minute after removing your hands from the lamp - apply a drop each of your chosen Shea Elixir with Keratin to the nail shafts.


You can use Indigo Nail Caviar as a decoration inside the nail design, such as in your own gel mix or by laying it on the free edge in a Fantasy French design.