Take Your Time Builder 50ml

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Do you prefer working at a steady pace?  Looking for a product which will give you time to perfect the structure without fear of the gel running and spilling on the cuticles? Then Take Your Time Builder is perfect for you! This super thick builder gel will help you create a perfect shape even during the hottest months. This product is loved by stylists from Italy, Australia and Croatia.

Benefits of using Indigo Take Your Time Builder:

  • very thick - so it wont spill
  • stable consistency - it doesn't change even at a high temperature,
  • hard - resistant to damage and as hard as acrylic
  • for embellishing - keeps rhinestones and embellishments in place just like a glue
  • for a French manicure - it doesn't create a yellow hue on white.

Curing time:

  • UV lamp - 3 minutes
  • Dual LED lamp - 30-60 seconds